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Lupe Tortilla Fajita Recipe

Lupe Tortilla Fajita Recipe

Lupe tortilla fajitas are a traditional Mexican dish made with skirt steak, onions, and bell peppers served with warm tortillas. It is a popular dish found in many Mexican restaurants and homes across the U.S. The combination of flavors creates an unforgettable experience that will make you come back for more!
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Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 4 hours
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 4 hours 20 minutes
Servings: 4 people
Calories: 410kcal


  • large skillet


  • 1 large white onion
  • 2 green onions
  • 3 green bell peppers or assorted color bell peppers
  • 2 lbs (1 kg) skirt steak
  • 1/2 – 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 3-4 garlic cloves
  • 4 tablespoons tequila
  • extra 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 4 tablespoons fresh lime juice


  • Slice the onion and bell peppers into thin strips and set aside. Thinly slice the green onions as well and set them aside.
  • Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat; add the oil and cumin, stirring to combine. Add in the steak slices and cook until brown on each side, about 4 minutes per side.
  • Add the garlic and cook for an additional minute or two, stirring to combine everything. Pour in the tequila, lime juice, salt, and 2 tablespoons of oil, stirring to combine everything. Allow the mixture to simmer for about 5 minutes until it thickens slightly.
  • Add the onion and bell pepper strips, stirring to combine everything. Lower the heat to low-medium and cook for about 10 minutes or until vegetables are cooked through. Serve with warm tortillas, fresh cilantro, guacamole dip, and salsa.


• You can use any variety of steak for this dish, such as flank steak, skirt steak, or sirloin.
• If you’re not a fan of tequila, you can substitute it with white wine.
• To reduce the amount of fat and calories in the dish, opt for leaner cuts of beef and use only 1 tablespoon of oil.
• To make the dish spicier, add some red pepper flakes or your favorite hot sauce.
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