How To Keep Pizza From Sticking To Pan – Easy Kitchen Guide

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By Lori Walker, MS, RD | Published on March 11, 2023 | Last Updated on June 29, 2023

It is very stressful when your desired homemade delicious pizza sticks to the pan when you’re ready to take it off to eat. It seems like all the hard work of making pizza went in vain. I’m pretty sure almost all of us faced the same issue when we baked pizza for the first time at home. For a beginner, it is quite a common thing, so don’t get frustrated. I have shared some great tips in this guide. If you follow those, it will keep your pizza safe from sticking to the pan.

The Effective Tips About how to keep pizza dough from sticking to pan:

The ingredients that stick to the pan most often are either flour or cheese. If we can make perfect pizza dough, there is less chance to stick the pizza in the pan’s bottom. So, let’s check out how we can stop sticking the pizza to the pan.

Don’t pour a lot of water or milk initially to make pizza dough:

how to make a perfect pizza dough
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If you are using homemade pizza dough, make sure the water or milk and flour ratio are perfect. Otherwise, it’ll be very sticky. Even it’ll be difficult to remove the raw dough from your hand when you mix it up. That’s why it is a great idea to add water steadily.

At first, you can add the necessary amount of water or milk to the flour, then mix them well until it becomes a dough. If you see more flour left in the bowl, you can add more water to it, then mix it well. It will help you make the perfect pizza dough that will not stick to the pan. 

Add flour:

While preparing the dough, if you see the mixture is still sticky, you should add a small amount of flour to the dough. It will decrease the stickiness and helps the dough to be perfect for pizza.

Spray oil:

Spraying or putting a thin coat of olive oil on the dough surface is the best tip to prevent stickiness. It will also provide great moisture to the bread and help you get a crispy crust brown pizza.

Using the right pizza pan:

Choosing the right pan for pizza
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Choosing the right pan is also a key element for baking a perfect pizza. If you use the wrong one, it is obvious that the pizza will stick to the pan. I prefer cast iron pans for baking pizza. It prevents sticking to the surface and helps me cook a perfect homemade pizza with an authentic pizza flavor.

You’ll be amused to know Gourmet chefs around the world use these pans for cooking pizza and other famous dishes. So, don’t forget to have a cast iron pan if you’re a real pizza lover and cook pizza on every occasion.

We also have a post that explains the difference between a pizza crisper and a pizza pan. You should also read this guide because it will let you know what sort of pizza pan you require in terms of the crust you desire in your pie.

Seasoning the pan:

It’ll be very effective if you season the pan before using it. Though most cast iron pans come pre-seasoned, it’s better if you would season it further. You can easily do it just by applying some vegetable oil inside and outside the pan, then placing it in the oven for about 10 minutes at 425F oven temperature. 

On top of this, you should always put a thin coating of oil in the pan when you go to cook pizza. It will prevent the pizza from sticking to the bottom and provides you a brown crust.

Even more, it would be best if you never washed the pan in the dishwasher. Just wipe it out or clean it with hot water and mild dishwashing soap.

Use parchment paper:

Use Parchment Paper To Prevent Sticking Pizza To The Pan
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If you still face the issue of sticking your pizza in the pan, you can use parchment paper on the base of the pan. At first, put a thin coat of olive oil on the pan, then place the parchment paper on it. Then again, spray a bit of oil on the paper. Finally, stretch the dough on the pan and add toppings. Once you prepare everything, put the pan on a grill, stove, oven, or other cooktops, you like to use. You will get your most desired homemade pizza ready but no more sticking to the pan this time for sure.

Final Thought:

Thanks for reading the complete guide about how to keep pizza from sticking to the pan. I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. To wrap up, I want to mention that to make a pizza like a pizza shop, it is essential to use the appropriate pan and perfect pizza dough. Otherwise, you will never get the real taste of authentic pizza at home and ended up sticking to the bottom of the pan again and again.

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